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Children love trains and it is therefore no secret hint that the railway museum of Deutsche Bahn in Nürnberg, Germany is a good place to visit. Additional exhibitions of the museum can be found in Koblenz and Halle (Saale). The museum was opened in 1899 and is also known as the Verkehrsmuseum Nürnberg. The building also includes the Museum für Kommunikation (museum of communication).

The museum begins with an exhibition of the first railways in Germany and has different models of the Adler steam engine in various sizes. You can than find two halls with real trains – steam engines, historical coaches and an ICE mock-up. The exhibition continues with fantastic train models in large size and a miniature railway that is run by a Fahrdienstleister.

Try the KinderBahnLand!

Best of all is the KinderBahnLand (KIBALA) under the roof. It is a nice playground for children of different ages. There are stations explaining everything around railways, children can dress as railway employees, ride a train through the exhibition and play with a large BRIO wooden railway. For older kids there are some quests to be solved at every station. Collect and solve them all!

Souvenirs at the exit

Within the museum you’ll find a BahnShop selling Deutsche Bahn-related items and the restaurant TINTO. The museum is not far away from the railway station and you can easily park your car in the nearby multi-storey carpark at the theatre. Just enter Karl-Pschigode-Platz in your navigation system.

DB Museum
Lessingstraße 6
90443 Nürnberg


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