House at the lake

We wanted to spend some days in and around München, Germany. It was the time of the last days of the Oktoberfest and getting a hotel room was expensive. The biggest problem was to find a family room in a hotel where you have a separate room for our six year old companion. As this failed we decided to rent an away home and found one at the southern end of the Starnberger See in a small village called Seeshaupt. It included access to the lake, a great garden and a boat – which sounded like a very good option.

When we arrived the friendly owner told us the story of the house: first there was only a boathouse at the lake and later they built the house with their own hands and without an architect. When their parents – who lived there – died they decided to sometimes use this house for themselves and sometimes let other people rent it. The house was way to big for us, had three bathrooms and enough seats to welcome two or three soccer teams. The furniture was old and some personal belongings and all the books (about art, history and other countries) of the former inhabitants where still there – it was really like living in another persons house for a while.

In comparison to a hotel room we had enough space, an own room for our child and we could invite friends for a barbecue. We could play soccer in the garden and we tend to come back in summer time again: it would be nice to sit under the tree at the lake, use the swing attached to it or go swimming. The Starnberger See is a warm lake and quite flat at the outer section. It would have been a great place to swim and play for children – but it was already too cold for that during the time of our stay.

St.-Heinricher-Straße 75
82402 Seeshaupt

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