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People love shopping malls. It is a phenomenon that swapped over from the United States and was for a long time unknown to me. Living in the city center in Göttingen, Germany I had every necessary shop around me. Nowadays I like to explore those large complexes with its different shops on several levels and the collection of small restaurants in food courts.

One of these places around Kassel, Germany is the RATIO_Land in Baunatal. Here you‘ve got everything you need: a big supermarket surrounded by different shops and a hairdresser. On rainy days it is the perfect place to be and some people only get here to find something to eat.

The RATIO_Land includes for example a Kochlöffel eatery – the fast food chain of my youth that is gone everywhere around me. The shopping mall is also part of a strange joke: Baunatal has the „abbreviation“ HR on car plates. As this has nothing to do with the city name people say that HR stands for „Hinterm RATIO“ (behind RATIO_Land).

Fuldastraße 1-5
34225 Baunatal

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