Since 1298

When it comes to event locations, Kassel (Germany) has a lot to offer. Besides the fair grounds, the Stadthalle and the buildings of the documenta there are different smaller places. One of them is the Renthof directly at the river Fulda. It is a part of the former cloister of the Carmelites (named after Mount Carmel) from the 13th century CE. It is connected to the former church Brüderkirche next to it.

Over the years this place has been used by the university, as a court, as an administral building and as a nursing home. It was destroyed to large extend in World War II but you can still see the renaissance style it was built in. Today the building is used as a hotel, restaurant, bar and event location. It was just opened before the last documenta and is therefore a rather new place.

I came here for an event of my company and enjoyed a wonderful evening with nice talks and a great barbecue. The food was fantastic (the name „Grischäfer“ rings a bell for locals), the building creates a nice atmosphere and the patio is a beautiful place for a party. Some day I will return for dinner, for sure.

Renthof Kassel
Renthof 3
34117 Kassel

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