The Münchner Tierpark Hellabrunn is the zoological garden of München, Germany. It was opened in 1911 and you can visit 18500 animals of more than 700 species. It is located at Giesing-Harlaching close to the wetlands of the river Isar, the Flauchersteg and the Flaucher. It is financed by the city of München as well as many private donors and participates in 38 wildlife conservation programs.

The Tierpark Hellabrunn has all the animals you would expect from a typical zoo and very good facilities, restaurants and shops. What I really liked was the bat cave (where bats are flying continuously around you and the tropics hall with giant lizards and fruit bats moving freely through a simulation of a tropical rainforest. If you want to get here: at least on weekends there is a direct connection between the main railway station and the zoo with express bus X98 (it needs 18 minutes).

Tierpark Hellabrunn
Tierparkstraße 30
81543 München


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