Trg Republike

The main square of Podgorica, Montenegro is called Trg Republike (‘Republic square’, also called ‘independence square’) and can be found next to the government buildings. The city structure is a bit special and you won’t find the main square in the center of the city as you would expect it – there the old Osman area is located. Instead you have to go to Nova Varoš, the new town. On the square there is a large Italian fountain and a memorial in form of an obelisk.

Trg Republike, Podgorica
Trg Republike, Podgorica

Until 2006 the square was named Trg Ivana Milutinovića, after the locally well-known communist and national hero. Around the square you can find streets with many good bars and it is the area where you most probably want to be for nightlife. In the evening some streets might be closed because of a special tradition: the inhabitants like to go for an evening stroll through the streets.

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