La Giralda

The cathedral of Sevilla, Spain – Santa María de la Sede – dates back to 1401. It is the biggest gothic-style church in the world. Within you’ll find the grave of Christopher Columbus in a sarcophagus carried by four giant stone figures (even though the real burial-place of his remains is unclear). The church has many interesting structures but what stands out is the bell tower, “La Giralda“.

The tower is 105 meters high and is the minaret of the former mosque standing there. That is why it doesn’t include steps leading up – as the muezzin was riding on a horse to the top you’ll now have to walk more than 40 ramps to enjoy the views on Sevilla and the royal palace. It was finished in 1198 and the statue at the top was added in the 15th century to commemorate the Christian recapture of the city.

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