Plaza de España

Even if you’ve never been to Sevilla, Spain you might have the feeling of having seen the Plaza de España before – if you’re a fan of Star Wars. In Episode II (“Attack of the Clones”) this place was used as a scenery depicting the planet Naboo. The scenes have been altered digitally massively, but you still get that special feeling while walking over the bridges and along the water.

The place is part of the wonderful Parque de María Luisa in the heart of Sevilla and it has been created for the Ibero-American exposition in 1929. It mixes moorish and reinaissance revival styles and is especially beautiful because of the colourful ceramic decorations. Throughout the place there are ceramic pictures of cities in Spain in alphabetic order and you can take a boat to row around.

The four bridges over the water – seen as the four kingdoms of Spain – give this place somehow a bit the feeling of Venice. The buildings at the Plaza de España are used for government purposes. And the place has been used for different media productions; in addition to the Star Wars scenes also parts of Lawrence of Arabia have been shot here as well as a music video of Simply Red (“Something got me started”).

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