Plaza de España

Plaza de España, Sevilla

Even if you’ve never been to Sevilla, Spain you might have the feeling of having seen the Plaza de España before – if you’re a fan of Star Wars. In Episode II (“Attack of the Clones”) this place was used as a scenery depicting the planet Naboo. The scenes have been altered digitally massively, but you still get that special feeling while walking over the bridges and along the water.

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La Giralda

La Giralda, Sevilla

The cathedral of Sevilla, Spain – Santa María de la Sede – dates back to 1401. It is the biggest gothic-style church in the world. Within you’ll find the grave of Christopher Columbus in a sarcophagus carried by four giant stone figures (even though the real burial-place of his remains is unclear). The church has many interesting structures but what stands out is the bell tower, “La Giralda“.

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Hacienda de Orán

Hacienda de Orán, Utrera

After having hotels directly in the city centers of Málaga, Granada and Córdoba I found it very refreshing to go to the countryside. The Hacienda de Orán is located in the area of Utrera, 30 km south of Sevilla. It is a classic Hacienda: a main building surrounded by buildings forming a squarish wall around. It is a peaceful place with many opportunities to sit outside and relax.

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