Hacienda de Orán

After having hotels directly in the city centers of Málaga, Granada and Córdoba I found it very refreshing to go to the countryside. The Hacienda de Orán is located in the area of Utrera, 30 km south of Sevilla. It is a classic Hacienda: a main building surrounded by buildings forming a squarish wall around. It is a peaceful place with many opportunities to sit outside and relax.

When you get close to the Hacienda on road A-8029 you’ll have to pass a gate (push the button if it is closed) and you can park your car directly outside the entry. As I was there in low season there wasn’t a restaurant or a bar close-by; better be prepared. The hacienda also has a collection of historic carriages that can be visited. Visiting Sevilla from here was quite simple; as in the other towns there were underground car parks close to the city center – a chose the one near Torre del Oro.

Ctra. A-8029, Km 7
41710 Utrera, Sevilla


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