Partisan memorial

When the inhabitants of Podgorica, Montenegro want to go for a walk and enjoy the forest they often go to a hill behind the stadium Pod Goricom. There you can have a nice walk, buy ice cream and popcorn along your way and there is also a nice garden with mediterranean plants. Another reason to get there was and is the partisan memorial ‘Spomenik Partizanu Borcu‘.

Between 1941 and 1944 the partisans under the leadership of Joseph Broz Tito fought against the occupation forces sent by fascist Germany and Italy. These Yugoslav forces had to move Montenegro and started military operations from there. Massive air raids on Podgorica were the result. After the war Podgorica was renamed to Titograd and the memorial for the communist partisans was built. Still today it is a nice memorial in the style of its time.

Spomenik Partizanu Borcu

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