Freedom monument

Freedom monument, Rīga

The freedom monument (Brīvības piemineklis) of Rīga, Latvia is a town’s landmark of the city and a symbol for the national sovereignity of Latvia. It was created during the first Latvian independence between 1931 and 1935 and was built as a replacement for the statue of Peter the Great once standing there. Even when Latvia lost its independence again the statue could be preserved.

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St. Roland

Roland, Rīga

When a German hears of a statue of St. Roland he will most probably think of the one standing at Bremen, Germany. But you can also find one at Rīga, Latvia between the town hall and the Melngalvju nams. The first version from the 14th century was a wooden one which was replaced in 1894 by a version made of sandstone. The current one is a replica – the original one from 1894 can be found within the St. Peter’s church.

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Brotherhood of Blackheads

Black heads house, Rīga

The most beautiful building of Rīga, Latvia can be found directly opposite to the town hall in the city center – the house of the brotherhood of blackheads or Melngalvju nams. It is a gothic style building first mentioned in 1334 and used by the merchants of the city. The facade has many nice decorations and sculptures and you can stand there for a long time and still discover something new. What is not obvious: the whole building was missing for more than 50 years.

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Svētā Pētera baznīca

St. Peter, Rīga

The tower of the St. Peter’s church (Svētā Pētera baznīca) is the highest church tower in Rīga, Latvia. It is around 120 meters high and you can go the second gallery by elevator to enjoy good views on the city. The church itself was first mentioned in the year 1209 CE and is built in brick gothic style. It was continuously enhanced as it should always be more beautiful than the cathedral of Rīga just some streets away.

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From Tallinn to Rīga

Tallinn to Rīga

After visiting Tallinn, Estonia it was time to continue my trip to Rīga, Latvia and there are not too many options for that as the railway system is not as good as in other European countries. As often as in eastern Europe long-distance busses replace trains and there is a very good infrastructure for them. You can easily book this trip online with different platforms and operators. And you can choose different quality classes of transit.

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