Bremer Roland

The statue of Roland on the market place of Bremen, Germany is one of the town’s landmarks. It is more than five meters high and together with its platform and decorations it reaches a height of more than 10 meters, making it the biggest free-standing statue of medieval times in Germany. The statue shows military leader Roland who guarantees the city its freedom and rights.

This symbol of freedom was first created out of wood between 1340 and 1360 CE. It was destroyed in 1366 and replaced by the stone version in 1404. Copies of this iconic statue can be found around the world – often as gifts from merchants. A beautiful one is located at Rīga, Latvia – a city founded by people from Bremen. If you wonder why the knees of Roland are so dirty: it is said that if you touch them you will one day return to Bremen.

Bremer Roland
Am Markt
28195 Bremen

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