St. Petri

The cathedral of Bremen – the Bremer Dom – is dedicated to Saint Peter and standing next to the town hall and the statue of Roland. It is a beautiful protestant church building with a fine rosetta in front and two towers with a height slightly above 90 meters. The first church building in that place dates back to the year 784, the current church is from the 11th century CE. It is mostly designed in gothic style with neo-romanesque elements.

The decoration inside is more rich than you would expect in a protestant church – that is because the church was already built before the reformation. Within the church you can find different graves including that of Adolph Knigge who belonged to the Illuminati and is mostly known because of his book about good manners (‘Über den Umgang mit Menschen‘). You can visit the church for free, but don’t disturb religious services. There is also the possibility to climb on top of one of the towers – there is no elevator, you should be in good condition. Additional hint: within a room of the church (the ‘Bleikeller‘) you can find eight mummies that are exhibited in their coffins.

Bremer Dom / St. Petri
Sandstraße 10-12
28195 Bremen

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