Beautiful views

Bolero, Kassel

The street adress tells everything: Schöne Aussicht, beautiful views. The bar Bolero is situated between the city center of Kassel and the Karlsaue park (directly next to the New Gallery of Art) and there you can enjoy a beer (especially: Astra from Hamburg, Germany), some cocktails or – what seems to be a specialty: good burgers.

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The MusikTheater

MusikTheater, Kassel

Compared to my hometown, nightlife in Kassel is a bit limited. The Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, where most bars are, disappoints me – and the interesting spots like the Lolita bar are spread throughout the city. When it comes to concert locations there is one well known place – even outside of Kassel: The MusikTheater (or short: “MT”).

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Festival near Kassel

Piazza, Vellmar

People in Kassel typically don’t live in the city center, they build their houses in one of the numerous towns around. One of these, located north of Kassel, is Vellmar. It is easily reachable via tramway from Kassel and has a good cultural scene. Once a year they set a hugh tent onto their Festplatz and invite different artists to a festival.

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Il Convento

Ristorante Il Convento, Kassel

Definitely my favorite restaurant in Kassel, Germany. The “Il Convento” is located close to the Königsplatz and is situated within the old Garnisonskirche (garrison church), which creates a unique atmosphere. The staff cooks traditional Italian food, they behave like Italians, curse in italiano and it might also happen that you have a waiter that doesn’t understand German.

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