Glockenteich, Mönchehof, Espenau

To be honest the Glockenteich lake near Mönchehof belonging to Espenau, Germany isn’t a big highlight – unless you love to watch birds and amphibians. The locals say that one of the church bells once flew very, very far and created this lake when touching the ground (therefore the name ‘bell lake’). At least the lake has the shape of a giant bell if you look on satellite-created maps.

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Kapelle "Der gute Hirte", Schäferberg, Espenau

The hill Schäferberg (‘shepherd mountain’) near Espenau, Germany received its name because the farmers of Hohenkirchen often brought their cattle there. The inhabitants of Kassel mostly know the name because of the big hotel Waldhotel Schäferberg where you can get to have a good brunch or some cake. But there is also another story to tell: in 1943 the Nazis created here a camp for forced-labour workers from different European countries.

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