To be honest the Glockenteich lake near Mönchehof belonging to Espenau, Germany isn’t a big highlight – unless you love to watch birds and amphibians. The locals say that one of the church bells once flew very, very far and created this lake when touching the ground (therefore the name ‘bell lake’). At least the lake has the shape of a giant bell if you look on satellite-created maps.

The best time to be here is in the early morning or late evening hours when the trees, the light and possibly fog create a mystical atmosphere. It then could be the ideal stage for fairytales. You’ll get to the Glockenteich when you’re passing by on the Kassel-Steig – a 160 kilometers long hiking path around Kassel. Directly at the lake there is a small wooden look-out that allows to watch the animals living at this small nature reserve.

34314 Espenau

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