Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The main railway station of Amsterdam, the Netherlands – and a special one: on both sides accompanied by water; in the north the big canels leading to the Markermeer and the North Sea; in the south the town canals leading through the city. It is a magnificient building made from red brick and inspired by the Dutch Renaissance. Continue reading “Amsterdam Centraal”

Unclear name

Railway station, Hann. Münden

Sometimes life turns out to be really surprising. And as one of these surprises I’m moving to a cute small town I’ve visited numerous times in the past. One that I in fact don’t really know the correct name of: locals call it  “Münden” – but as it is also called “Hannoversch Münden” (Münden belonging to Hanover) even the form “Hann. Münden” (and also misspelled “Hann Münden“) is used. Time to clarify this. Continue reading “Unclear name”

The Kulturbahnhof

Hauptbahnhof / Kulturbahnhof, Kassel

The Hauptbahnhof (main railway station) of Kassel, Germany is located close to the city center at the Rainer-Dierichs-Platz. It is only a ten minutes walk through the Treppenstraße (the oldest pedestrian zone in the world) to the Königsplatz, which is a main square in Kassel. The railway station is also called Kulturbahnhof (cultural railway station) because it contains art galleries, cinemas and a cartoon museum. Continue reading “The Kulturbahnhof”

Railway station at the Canal Grande

Santa Lucia, Venezia

You can access Venezia, Italy on different ways. If you don’t prefer a boat or car (which is not recommendable because of limited parking capabilities) there are two main entry points: The Piazzale Roma with the bus terminus and Ferrovia – the train station Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia. The latter is one of my favorite train stations in the world – not because of its beauty, it became better during the last years but still it is a simply train station – what makes it wonderful is the location.

Continue reading “Railway station at the Canal Grande”

Suspension railway

Suspension railway, Wuppertal

If you speak about Wuppertal, Germany with a typical German he won’t have too much in mind concerning this city. Maybe he knows the strange joke called “Der Lottogewinner” by Loriot (also called Vicco von Bülow), ending with a confused pensioner thinking that his daughter will open up a mens fashion boutique together with the pope in Wuppertal. Most probably he will only know about the iconic suspension railway leading through the town.

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