Railway station at the Canal Grande

You can access Venezia, Italy on different ways. If you don’t prefer a boat or car (which is not recommendable because of limited parking capabilities) there are two main entry points: The Piazzale Roma with the bus terminus and Ferrovia – the train station Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia. The latter is one of my favorite train stations in the world – not because of its beauty, it became better during the last years but still it is a simply train station – what makes it wonderful is the location.

When you leave the train and walk through the shops you’ll come to a terrace directly at the Canal Grande. Immediatly this Venezia-feeling comes to you if you see the houses at the water and the Vaporetti (water buses) pass by. After getting a ticket at one of the ticket booth (a day ticket mostly makes sense) you can travel down to Rialto and San Marco – or Lido, if you want to find a beach. But beware: If you catch a slow boat with many stops a trip back from San Marco to Ferrovia can last 45 minutes. Not that you’re missing your train… 😉

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