La città di Romeo e Giulietta

I must admit: I’m in love with Verona, Italy. A small, ancient city with a beautiful city center located at the river Adige. And in fact the only real city of love – being the stage for William Shakespears Romeo and Juliet. I always enjoy living here for a day or two, roaming the city, having a relaxed time. And if it once gets to small you can easily travel further on to the Lago di Garda (by bus) or the laguna di Venezia (by train).

The most wonderful sights in Verona are the Piazza Brà with the Arena di Verona, the castle Castelvecchio and the bridge attached to it. The Piazza delle Erbe as the central market place and the Piazza dei Signori with the Torre dei Lamberti attached to it. In addition you’ll have to see the Casa di Giulietta and the Ponte Pietra – a bridge leading over the Adige. If you’re there you can continue to the Roman theatre and the Castel San Pietro as a good viewpoint.

Seeing all sights of Verona is cheap if you get the Verona card at the tourist office (located at Piazza Brà). Most sights are easily reachable on foot and you don’t have to use public transport; therefore also a good place to explore with children. To me Verona is especially gorgeous because it isn’t too overcrowded and at least in its side streets you’ll have the feeling of not being a guest but enjoying the real Italian life: enjoying some Cappuccino and a filled croissant in the morning or having a Sprizz standing at a bar in the evening.

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