Al Arena di Verona

The Arena in Verona, Italy is the town’s landmark and directly located at the Piazza Brà – a main square that you’ll reach when entering the town from the railway station Porta Nuova. It dates back to the year 30 CE and is the third largest Roman amphitheatre after Rome and Capua. It has 45 tiers and can hold up to 22.000 spectators.

You can walk through the entire place and climb up to the top to walk around and have nice views on Verona and especially the Piazza in front. Today the Arena is still used for operas and concerts – I’m still unhappy that I currently missed a Placebo concert at this magical place. If you want to visit the theatre it is best to get a Verona card at the tourist information close to it (in the southeast, just across the street). You can then enter at an arch in the northwest corner of the arena.

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