Piazza delle Erbe and its surroundings

If you visit Verona, Italy you might think that the Piazza Brà with the Arena di Verona is the main square of the town – but that is wrong. It was once outside of the main city and was included later on. To find the citys core you’ll have to walk along the crowded shopping street (Via Giuseppe Mazzini) to the Piazza dell Erbe – a long stretched market place with wonderful old houses, market stands, a wale tooth and a column with the symbol of the Republic of Venice; the lion.

At the Piazza delle Erbe you’ll find good bars to have Sprizz Aperol as a sundowner. And you can continue to the wonderful Piazza dei Signori directly attached to it. Located there are a statue of well-known Dante (famous for his Divina Commedia), in winter times a German christmas market, the beautiful Scala della Ragione, stairs in a nice courtyard and of course: the Torre dei Lamberti which you can climb up and have the best views on Verona.

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