Cappa Café

Tired of walking around in the city center of Verona, Italy? In need for a quite place to relax, have a coffee break or something to eat? The Cappa Café is a coffee bar and restaurant located nicely close to the river Adige in the northern part of the city. You’ll get some vitello tonnato (veal with tuna sauce and capers) or a sprizz aperol in the cosy atmosphere of this place and in summer times you can sit outside with a view on the river.

The Cappa Café is located between Sant’Anastasia and the Ponte Pietra. If you’re already here you should pass over the Adige and take a look at the Roman theatre and the view point on the hill in front of Castel San Pietro.

Piazzetta Bra’ Molinari 1
37121 Verona

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