Suspension railway

If you speak about Wuppertal, Germany with a typical German he won’t have too much in mind concerning this city. Maybe he knows the strange joke called “Der Lottogewinner” by Loriot (also called Vicco von Bülow), ending with a confused pensioner thinking that his daughter will open up a mens fashion boutique together with the pope in Wuppertal. Most probably he will only know about the iconic suspension railway leading through the town.

The “Wuppertaler Schwebebahn” is a hanging monorail system which opened up in 1901. Most times the track is above the river Wupper, but in some parts it is hanging above streets. The railway is circling between Wuppertal-Vohwinkel and Wuppertal-Oberbarmen (you’ll have to leave the car at each end) and passes the zoological garden and the main railway station.

If you want to access this special railway you can go by normal train to Wuppertal main station and walk towards the city. After some meters you will see the suspension railway station to the left. The system is quite safe – but in 1950 the elephant Tuffi was riding with it and jumped in fear into the river Wupper underneath. The location is today marked with a mural of an elephant.

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