Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof

The main railway station of Frankfurt am Main, Germany is a hub I pass pretty often. As it is a large railway station that can be confusing at first, some hints might be useful. An important characteristic is, that the station is one of few dead-end-stations of major cities in Germany; others are Stuttgart, München, Wiesbaden, Leipzig and Kiel.

As the platforms are pretty long it is good to know that you don’t need to go to the end if you just want to change tracks: there is a pedestrian underpass in platform sector B which is barely visible, because it is only a staircase going down. The interurban trains (“S-Bahn“) leave in part on the same tracks as the long distance trains. Others can be reached two floors down (access at the main hall) – you can distinguish if you have to go there by the track numbers; tracks higher than 100 are downstairs.

If you are looking for international trains (especially to eastern Europe or to Italy), they are arriving and leaving on the tracks with a low number. The parking lots are on the opposite side of the hall close to the tracks with a high number. Tramways leave in front if the building – you will see the stop on the left. If you intend to visit the city center, don’t walk; it is quite a long way through an unpleasent quarter. Go downstairs and take an S-Bahn to Hauptwache; most trains go there.

Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof
Am Hauptbahnhof
60329 Frankfurt am Main

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