Getting a dress

Brautkleider Heidelberg, Eppelheim

There seems to be nothing as emotional for a woman during wedding preparation than to get a wedding dress. While I was only visiting my normal men’s outfitter my fiancé decided for a tailor-made dress and with the help of Pinterest and Dawanda she found a friendly tailor in Eppelheim, Germany offering her services under the name “Brautkleider Heidelberg“. Continue reading “Getting a dress”

Fairy-tale mountain

Märchenwald, Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany is a wonderful city. If you take a walk through the shopping zone and the old city center you’ll arrive at a place directly underneath the mountain Königstuhl. A mountain railway takes you to the beautiful and romantic castle ruin of Heidelberg und you can go further on to the top of the mountain. Here you’ll not only find beautiful views on the valley but also the “Märchenparadies“. Continue reading “Fairy-tale mountain”

The old Tiergarten

Zoo, Heidelberg

The zoological garden of Heidelberg, Germany (“Tiergarten Heidelberg”) is located in the north-east of the city, between the river Neckar and the famous university. It dates back to 1934 and in some parts you can really see that it is an old zoo – sometimes because the animals don’t have that much space and sometimes because of the special flair of the old houses surrounding the area.

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Heidelberg castle

Heidelberg castle, Heidelberg

The castle of Heidelberg, Germany is well known to the world – because of its beauty and because of the big amount of US soldiers stationed in nearby Ramstein that visited it. It is first mentioned in 1225 and was until  1697 seat of the Palatine prince-electors. Today it is a wonderful ruin in Renaissance style made of red freestone.

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