The old Tiergarten

The zoological garden of Heidelberg, Germany (“Tiergarten Heidelberg”) is located in the north-east of the city, between the river Neckar and the famous university. It dates back to 1934 and in some parts you can really see that it is an old zoo – sometimes because the animals don’t have that much space and sometimes because of the special flair of the old houses surrounding the area.

The zoo has 1.300 inhabitants belonging to nearly 200 species, including sea lions, otters, elephants, zebras, different monkeys and a horde of hedgehogs. If you haven’t been able to see the shore recently: there is a coast simulation with sea gulls, artificial waves and a lighthouse. The zoo is built on the ground of a cemetery that couldn’t be used any more because of the rising water level. Not my most favourite zoo – but absolutely worth visiting!

Tiergartenstraße 3
69120 Heidelberg

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