Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)

The airport of Düsseldorf, Germany is a modern and very well designed airport. It is the third largest passenger airport in Germany after Frankfurt and Munich. If you arrive here by long distance train you’ll have to take a hanging monorail train to the terminals; fun already at the beginning! As Düsseldorf is the main air base of Air Berlin the counters are directly behind the entrance – five minutes after arriving my luggage was correctly checked in and I had a lot of time left.

Time that I could easily spend in the many restaurants and shops at the terminal. As Düsseldorf airport isn’t that big the orientation within the building is pretty easy. I would say it has the correct size for an international but customer-friendly airport. Security check was fast and without any problems – definitely an airport to recommend. For car drivers there are many car parks, some very very close to the terminal, but the prices are extremely high.

Flughafenstraße 120
40474 Düsseldorf


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