Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)

Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)

The airport of Düsseldorf, Germany is a modern and very well designed airport. It is the third largest passenger airport in Germany after Frankfurt and Munich. If you arrive here by long distance train you’ll have to take a hanging monorail train to the terminals; fun already at the beginning! As Düsseldorf is the main air base of Air Berlin the counters are directly behind the entrance – five minutes after arriving my luggage was correctly checked in and I had a lot of time left.

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Japanese fastfood

Waraku, Düsseldorf

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you will know the deep desire of having something from there back at home. Even if it is only food. And that doesn’t necessarily mean sushi, which is kind of street food in Asia. Luckily we’ve got Düsseldorf – a home base for many Japanese in Germany. Next to some very good restaurants there is one shop that always provides me delicious travel supplies: Waraku in  Düsseldorfs Immermannstraße, not far away from the main railway station.

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Rheinstadion, Düsseldorf

The Rheinstadion in Düsseldorf, Germany (sponsored name: “ESPRIT arena”) is a multifunctional arena which is pretty young: It has been built between 2002 und 2004. It is home to the soccer club Fortuna Düsseldorf – currently once again in the first German league – and offers space for 54.600 supporters.

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Awesome sushi

The Japanese restaurant Benkay is located within the Hotel Nikko in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is in an area with lots of Japanese restaurants and shops, the Japan Center; and it is close to the main railway station of Düsseldorf. Beware: you can spend a lot of money there but you receive high quality sushi and other Japanese food in return. And best of all: you immediately have the feeling of being in Asia.

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