Japanese fastfood

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you will know the deep desire of having something from there back at home. Even if it is only food. And that doesn’t necessarily mean sushi, which is kind of street food in Asia. Luckily we’ve got Düsseldorf – a home base for many Japanese in Germany. Next to some very good restaurants there is one shop that always provides me delicious travel supplies: Waraku in  Düsseldorfs Immermannstraße, not far away from the main railway station.

The assortment of Waraku is quite small. They offer onigiri, onigiri and … onigiri. And of course Japanese green tea. Okay, and also some bento boxes for lunch. Onigiri are triangles made of rice and wrapped in nori sheets (dried seaweed). They are filled with different seafood like salmon or – good as a dessert – ume (prune). At first you’ll have to learn how you eat them correctly; but it is always a tasty adventure.

Immermannstraße 27
40210 Düsseldorf


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