Fairy-tale mountain

Heidelberg, Germany is a wonderful city. If you take a walk through the shopping zone and the old city center you’ll arrive at a place directly underneath the mountain Königstuhl. A mountain railway takes you to the beautiful and romantic castle ruin of Heidelberg und you can go further on to the top of the mountain. Here you’ll not only find beautiful views on the valley but also the “Märchenparadies“.

It is a small and old-fashion fairytale theme park with some stations explaining well-known fairy-tales, a small railway, a children’s rollercoaster, some smaller riders and playgrounds and a snack bar. For most rides you’ll need special coins that create extra costs. It is nice place for pre-school children and if you prefer you can also get here by car, taking tiny winding streets up the mountain.

Märchenparadies Königstuhl
Königstuhl 5a
69117 Heidelberg


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