Waschweiber, Hannover

Almost everyone has been in the situation to use a self-laundry service and knows how boring it can be to sit there and wait. But the Waschweiber self-laundry service at Hannover, Germany changes this situation. It is a coffee bar combined with a self-laundry service and people also get here for a coffee if they have nothing to clean.

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Café del Sol

Cafe Del Sol, Kassel

It is a coffee bar and restaurant chain I always had ignored in the past: the Cafe Del Sol. They offer good breakfast, typical drinks and nice food. The restaurant architecture follows the design of southern US-American ranches. And they are always placed near motorways – that is why a passionate user of public transport like me never got close to them.

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Pinke Kuh

Eisdiele Pinke Kuh, Grone, Göttingen

The most unexpected ice cream parlor ever. The Eisdiele Pinke Kuh is located between two industrial zones in the city quarter Grone of Göttingen, Germany and is integrated into a tree nursery. If you find your way here you can discover nice flavors of ice cream and they also got vegan sorts. Continue reading “Pinke Kuh”