Zur Mieze

Katzenmusikcafe Zur Mieze, Berlin

There are many good reasons for having a cat at home – and also many for not having one. Sometimes people in your household have allergies. In my case, I’m just travelling too much to have a pet. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the pleasure of watching cats playing or sleeping (which they often do). At the city quarter Charlottenberg of Berlin, Germany, you can find the coffee bar ‘Zur Mieze‘ – the home of seven cats.

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San Ginés

Chocolatería San Ginés, Madrid

Breakfast at Madrid, Spain seems to be not really healthy. The speciality of the city – but it is also served throughout the whole country – is fried dough that you can dip into melted (bittersweet) chocolate. Chocolate con Churros is beloved by the locals and you should at least try it once. The famous Chocolatería San Ginés serves this kind of food around the clock and is therefore especially an option after a long night.

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Eiscafé Renata

Eiscafé Renata, Hann. Münden

People coming to Hann. Münden, Germany often search for good ice cream in the city center and of course there are some good options in the pedestrian zone. But the expert knows that you get the best ice cream somewhere else: in Neumünden, at the Eiscafé Renata. It is no shiny new ice cream parlor with freaky variations, the location is not the best and inside the time seems to have stopped long ago.

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Cat café, Vilnius

It is the cosiest place in Vilnius, Lithuania: the cat café (Kačių Kavinė). Fifteen cats live in the coffee bar located at the gedimino prospektas, a street full of bars and restaurants. But this place is very simple to find – most time lots of people are standing in front of the café to have a look at the cats sleeping, playing or getting petted by guests.

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Waschweiber, Hannover

Almost everyone has been in the situation to use a self-laundry service and knows how boring it can be to sit there and wait. But the Waschweiber self-laundry service at Hannover, Germany changes this situation. It is a coffee bar combined with a self-laundry service and people also get here for a coffee if they have nothing to clean.

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Café del Sol

Cafe Del Sol, Kassel

It is a coffee bar and restaurant chain I always had ignored in the past: the Cafe Del Sol. They offer good breakfast, typical drinks and nice food. The restaurant architecture follows the design of southern US-American ranches. And they are always placed near motorways – that is why a passionate user of public transport like me never got close to them.

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