Café del Sol

It is a coffee bar and restaurant chain I always had ignored in the past: the Cafe Del Sol. They offer good breakfast, typical drinks and nice food. The restaurant architecture follows the design of southern US-American ranches. And they are always placed near motorways – that is why a passionate user of public transport like me never got close to them.

I got to know the Cafe Del Sol as a place where you would pick up persons when sharing a ride. And I also learned that it is the perfect place if you live outside of the major cities and want to easily reach a good place for breakfast or any other meal. From the motorway you’re there within the blink of an eye and they have more parking lots than needed.

I guess in the future I’ll be there more often – after I moved to a smaller town – even as I dislike how they write their restaurant name. 😉

Cafe Del Sol
Otto-Brenner-Straße 2
37079 Göttingen

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