The Z.a.K.

ZAK, Göttingen

Bars and restaurants come and go, but the Z.a.K. (located close to the market place in Göttingen, Germany) is an institution. It opened in 1993, has a warm and welcoming atmosphere because of the wooden interior and the dishes are named after classic movies – I guess the names are still the same as 20 years ago.  You can also sit outside and watch what is going on on the Wochenmarkt.

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Reward yourself

Badeparadies Eiswiese, Göttingen

Named after the god of the sea in Greek mythology, the restaurant Poseidon is part of the Badeparadies in Göttingen, Germany – but it also accessible without getting your swimming trunks on. Before this pool and sauna has been opened at the Eiswiese in 1998, the restaurant was already part of the old public indoor swimming pool in the city center (close to the Leinekanal).

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Expedition to Ethiopia & Eritrea

Restaurant "Abessina", Göttingen

During the last years a lot of bars were coming and going in the Ritterplan. The street is simply a less crowded street without direct access to the pedestrian zone. People don’t come here by accident. But now there is a restaurant that is here to stay: the Abessina, serving food from Ethiopia and Eritrea and thereby closing a gap within the already broad variety of restaurants in Göttingen.

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Salamanca, Göttingen

Named after the Spanish town Salamanca this alternative bar in Göttingen, Germany, is located in the Gartenstraße – a residential area. They serve chorizo, patatas bravas, tapas, Spanish wine and different vegan and vegetarian dishes. The location is a bit shabby as normal for left-wing sites. Not a recommendation for everyone, but a place where you might find me on a Friday evening.

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