Café Mayer

Café Mayer, Bratislava

In need of some caffeine and sugar? The Café Mayer is a traditional coffee bar at the main square of Bratislava, Slovakia (Hlavné námestie). It was founded by Julius Mayer in 1873 and was supplier of the Court in Vienna. It is no secret that you can get the best scones and cakes of Bratislava here.

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Bratislavský hrad

Bratislavský hrad

The main sight of Bratislava (also there is not too much to see up there) is the castle of Bratislava (Bratislavský hrad), visible from every part of the city. There have been settlements on the 85 meter high hill from the stoneage on, the castle has been used for centuries and as been rebuilt several times. The last big modification dates back to the time of Maria Theresa.

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The Red Flag

Slavín, Bratislava

Slavín is a cemetery and memorial to the soldiers of the Red Army which freed the city in 1945. It is high upon a mountain close to the main railway station and can be seen from nearly everywhere in the town. Walking up there on hot summer days gives you the feeling of having smashed Nazi Germany on your own.

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