Upon the Tibidabo

Tibidabo, Barcelona

The Tibidabo is with a height of 512 meters the highest mountain in Barcelona, Spain. It can be seen from everywhere around the city and you have a wonderful from up above. On top you can find a nostalgic amusement park with ancient rides and the beautiful catholic church Sagrat Cor. The Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor (the official name in Catalan) has been built with the church Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre in Paris, France in mind. Continue reading “Upon the Tibidabo”

Parc Güell

Park Güell, Barcelona

The Parc Güell in Barcelona, Spain has been built between 1900 and 1914 by Antoni Gaudí for the industrial Eusebi Güell. He liked English garden architecture and wanted such a park for his hometown. Gaudí worked economically and ecologically – he used the terrain he found and didn’t move soil. He created a wonderful large terrace with a nice view on Barcelona. Continue reading “Parc Güell”

Good location, bad location

Hauptbahnhof, Frankfurt am Main

Choosing a good hotel in Frankfurt, Germany isn’t always easy. Especially when there is a big fair some hotels are often booked a long time in advance and cost a lot of money. My company booked a room twice for me at the InterCity Hotel close to the main railway station. This has some advantages and disadvantages – it is easy to reach but therefore you are in an environment that isn’t that beautiful. Continue reading “Good location, bad location”

Kissing the Gänseliesel

Kissing the Gänseliesel

Nearly five years of my life I spent as a research associate at the Georg-August-Universität of Göttingen. In this time I did a lot of scientific work, taught students and wrote my PhD thesis about the usage of mobile Internet within enterprises. This all not only brought me a nifty book for my bookshelf, but also – according to ancient customs – a nice trip to the goose girl, the landmark of Göttingen.

Continue reading “Kissing the Gänseliesel”