Table mount

Burghasunger Berg, Zierenberg

Northern Hesse has its own table mount! Not as vast as the Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa but very worth a visit. When coming from Kassel, Germany, you need to pass around the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe and then you will see it very fast: the Burghasunger Berg belonging to Zierenberg. The mountain is flat and on top, you will find a small lake, the ruins of a former cloister, good views and some places to rest.

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Helfensteine, Zierenberg

It’s a bizarre landscape. A vast area without bushes and trees, strangely formed rocks on one of the surrounding mountains, many people walking around and climbing these rocks and gliders starting on an airfield in between. That is what you can all find close to Zierenberg, Germany (15 kilometers northwest of Kassel). The strangely shaped rocks are called Helfensteine and are visible because of the erosion of the surrounding area over a very long time.

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