There are different good reasons to visit the area around Zierenberg, Germany. Most people know the Hoher Dörnberg and the Helfensteine, the Alpenpfad and maybe the Schreckenbergturm and the blue stones underneath. A rather seldomly visited place is the 600 meters high Großer Bärenberg (‘bear mountain’). Maybe you just know it when you pass on motorway A44 from the Ruhr area to Kassel – as there is a rest area named after the mountain.

One reason why people don’t get there that often is potentially because the mountain is exceptionally steep. You can get up from Zierenberg, there is a motorway underpass not too far away from the railway station Zierenberg-Rosental. Close to this underpass you’ll also find a parking area. You can also try to get up from Burghasungen, but the narrow and steep paths are really a pain.

Once you’ve reached the top you’ll see the Bärenbergturm – a 54 meters high communication tower with a publicly accessible viewing terrace on a height of 29 meters. Following the spiral staircase to the top gives you fantastic views of the whole area; climbing up is really worth the effort. The Bärenbergturm was opened in the year 1999 after a former tower built in the 1970s was torn down because of degradation.


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