Building site

Hauptbahnhof, Stuttgart

The main railway station of Stuttgart, Germany is a dead-end station with many travellers: 300 000 per day, 1 280 trains stop here daily. It is one of the five most frequented railway stations in Germany and was opened in 1928 – the former station was 500 meters away but became too small. Since several years the Hauptbahnhof is a building site as within the project ‘Stuttgart21‘ it will be rebuilt as an underground station and it will be no dead-end station after that anymore.

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If you’re looking for a good breakfast in Stuttgart, Germany you can end your search. The Hüftengold – a very euphemistic German translation of fat – is a restaurant and coffee bar that is a real recommendation. In addition to real calory bombs they also serve healthy breakfasts.

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World of Manti

World of Manti, Stuttgart

Okay, we should not really call it a restaurant – but it is a stylish eatery serving good-quality Turkish ravioli, called Mantı (yes, that is no “i” in the end); filled dumplings served with yoghurt, garlic and sumac. After visiting Istanbul I was looking for a place like this, even if the Mantı aren’t as small in size as typical.

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Swabian well

SchwabenQuellen, Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a big city with a lot to see. But at the end of the day, you have to relax your feet and refresh yourself. A good place for that is the SchwabenQuellen located at an event center (with Broadway musicals and a casino; 10 km away from the city center) near Stuttgart; I always come here when I’m on business trips to the city.

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