Swabian well

Stuttgart is a big city with a lot to see. But at the end of the day, you have to relax your feet and refresh yourself. A good place for that is the SchwabenQuellen located at an event center (with Broadway musicals and a casino; 10 km away from the city center) near Stuttgart; I always come here when I’m on business trips to the city.

It is a good sauna with a mean variety of temperatures and nice infusions. It is devided into geographical themes and the main hall sometimes reminds my slightly to a theme park for adults. But the different zones are worth a look; the african relaxation area is great and there is even a fine outdoor beach bar.

The system used here is a bit special: you’ll have to pay the usage fee in advance and addons afterwards. When entering you get a token that you can wear like a watch. To get a locker you’ll need to hold the token in front of a machine. A locker is then assigned automatically. To close it you only have to turn the knob, to open it again you’ll have to hold the token again in front of the machine.

Now the tricky part: If you are not going by car, you’ll have to switch tramways. Take Stadtbahn 6 from main station to Möhringen Bahnhof. It is only a small station and you can easily switch to Stadtbahn 3 which takes you to station Salzäcker – that is directly behind the spa.

Plieninger Str. 100
70567 Stuttgart

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