Icelandic Aviation Museum

Icelandic Aviation Museum, Akureyri

Aviation is a necessity on Iceland, not only to reach the island itself but also for being able to reach all the different regions. You’ll be surprised how many small regional airports you can discover there. Therefore it is no surprise that there is a nice aviation museum and it is directly located next to the airport of Akureyri. That also gives you the nice opportunity to have a look on the airfield and to observe the most often tiny planes starting and landing.

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Akureyri Art Museum

Akureyri Art Museum, Iceland

It will probably forever be the most northern art museum I’ll ever visit, the Akureyri Art Museum (Listafnið á Akureyri). It is located in the city center of Akureyri within a former dairy close to the church Akureyrarkirkja. It was opened in 1993 and is exhibiting artworks of Icelandic as well as international artists. The museum was extended over time and since 2018 it also uses the neighboring Ketilhús.

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Goðafoss, Iceland

The waterfall of the gods can be found half way between Laugar and Akureyri, the capital of the north. Goðafoss carries this name because after Iceland adopted Christianity in 1,000 CE images of the old gods were dropped here. Today it is mostly a beautiful and wide waterfall (12 meters high) which you can view from both sides. There are steps leading you down to the water as well as a viewing platform on top.

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Gates of Hell

Hverir, Iceland

In close vicinity to the Mývatn lake you can easily spot the geothermal area. If you hope that the steam coming out of the earth is a geyser you will be disappointed: it is an electric power point creating electricity from geothermic energy. There is also a natural spa making use of the power of the earth, but the real star is behind the mountain: an area full of bubbling mud and sulfur smokers in a moon-like environment.

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Steep ascent

Hverfjall, Iceland

Ready for some sports? Near the Mývatn lake you will see a former black volcano, the Hverfjall. It is 452 meters high and has a fantastic clear geometry. It was created by an eruption series 2,500 years ago but also later smaller eruptions happened inside the old structures. How to get up? Well, there is a path leading straight up into the caldera. It is very, very steep and hiking up on volcanic ash is quite painful – but the views from the top are fantastic.

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Lava field

Dimmuborgir, Reykjahlíð

2,000 years ago lava came out of the earth and created a lava lake close to the Mývatn lake. Water vaporized underneath and created impressive stone structures: domes and arches, rock windows and hollow structures. Today you can hike through the Dimmuborgir (‘dark rocks’) area and discover them. Imagination can create stories about this bizarre shaped rock structures. The most famous is the Kirkjan which looks like a Gothic-style church.

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Dimmuborgir, Reykjahlíð

The Mývatn lake is one of the most-beloved areas for tourists on Iceland. Around the lake you’ll find lava fields, volcanos to climb, geothermal spas and bubbling mud pits. If you like you can also cycle around the lake. The name of the lake itself tells you about the plague of this region: Mývatn means mosquito. You shouldn’t worry too much as they’re not biting, they’re just flying around you and are therefore only a little bit annoying. You can buy a net to protect your head in different locations but I deemed that to be superfluous.

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Narfastaðir, Laugar

The Narfastaðir guesthouse is a place to feel like at home. It is a simple but good hotel at a remote location close to Laugar, directly at the ring road. And thereby it is the perfect place to explore the Mývatn area just around the corner. What I really liked there is that they have a central shared living room; you don’t have to stay in your hotel room or hang out in the restaurant – you can just sit on a sofa in between other visitors, read a book, chat or watch TV.

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Next to the lighthouse

Geosea, Húsavík

After an exhausting day of sightseeing and whale watching there is nothing better then a geothermal spa. Directly next to the lighthouse of Húsavík you can find the Geosea, an outdoor pool with great views on the sea. It has three pool areas with different temperatures and steam room. The little waterfall running from there into the fiord is indeed no real waterfall: it is the overflow of the spa.

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Whale watching

Húsavík, Iceland

Húsavík is the perfect port for whale watching. In this area it is strictly forbidden to hunt these giant animals and tourism helps to protect them. After getting the right introduction into the topic at the whale museum in the harbor area you can get on a boat to see humpback whales and dolphins; but also puffins and large jellyfish. Different operators offer tours on various types of boats. You should play safe and book online in advance.

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