Piața Unirii

Piața Unirii, București

The union square is one of the biggest places at București, Romania. It breathes the spirit of socialist times and was in former times a giant marketplace. People from all of Walachia came here to sell their goods. A reminder of these times is the restaurant Hanu’ lui Manuc north of the square where foreigners could eat and rent a room. Still today a lot of shopping malls are surrounding the Piața Unirii.

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Nomad Skybar, București

I like to end my days in sky bars with good views on the city I’m currently visiting. During the coronavirus pandemic this also became a security factor as the infection risk is much lower in open spaces. At București there is unfortunately no such place on a high building, but at least there is the Nomad Skybar at the heart of the old city center.

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Local transport

Metro, București

București has a good mix of public transport options: the metro, trolleybuses, buses, tramways. The easiest way is to use the metro system consisting of four lines: M1 (yellow), M2 (blue), M3 (red), M4 (green). Just choose the right line and the correct direction (final stop) and you’re ready to go. It gets a bit confusing with stations like Dristor 1 and 2 (which are not remarkably close to each other) but it’s the fastest and simplest way.

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