Local transport

București has a good mix of public transport options: the metro, trolleybuses, buses, tramways. The easiest way is to use the metro system consisting of four lines: M1 (yellow), M2 (blue), M3 (red), M4 (green). Just choose the right line and the correct direction (final stop) and you’re ready to go. It gets a bit confusing with stations like Dristor 1 and 2 (which are not remarkably close to each other) but it’s the fastest and simplest way.

You can buy tickets at vending machines in the entrance of the metro. Multi tickets for multiple days are the best option. You need to enter your ticket at electric gates to get into the metro system.

Taking buses, trolleybuses and tramways is a bit harder. Even if you find the right bus route (Google Maps helps surprisingly good) you still need to figure out where you can catch the bus – bus stops have no digital signs and even don’t always show the numbers of the buses stopping there. The operator of these means of transport is a different one than the metro operator. Therefore, you need a different ticket which you also can get at vending machines at larger bus stops. You need to get a card from the machine and can then load money onto it.

If you need to take a train, your language skills will be tested. Tickets can be bought only and the website of CFR Călători is good, but only available in Romanian language. I was proud when I managed to buy and alter several tickets without larger problems. Taking the train to the airport (OTP) from Gara de Nord is rather simple: you can buy tickets using your credit card at a small vending machine on board.


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