Centered shower

Elbe, Dresden

If you are travelling by train to Dresden, Germany the Pullman Dresden Newa hotel might be a good choice for you. It is located directly in front of the new main railway station in between high modern buildings that close the gap between the old city center and the railway station. You have to walk some minutes to get to the interesting parts of the city – but because of the railway station the public transport to and from here is really good. Continue reading “Centered shower”

Good location, bad location

Hauptbahnhof, Frankfurt am Main

Choosing a good hotel in Frankfurt, Germany isn’t always easy. Especially when there is a big fair some hotels are often booked a long time in advance and cost a lot of money. My company booked a room twice for me at the InterCity Hotel close to the main railway station. This has some advantages and disadvantages – it is easy to reach but therefore you are in an environment that isn’t that beautiful. Continue reading “Good location, bad location”