Sleeping on a ship

I usually book hotels with HRS and select them by plain categories like price, location and availability of a car park – when doing road trips. When I needed a place to stay at Dresden, Germany a simple but very special harbourage came to my mind: the ship hotel “Pöppelmann” (named after the architect of the Zwinger).

The hotel is located (close to the YMCA ship hostel) at a harbour on river Elbe near to the railway station Dresden-Neustadt. It offers single to four person bedrooms on the old river cruise boat once named “Karl Marx“. You can sit on top of the ship and relax, have breakfast on the main floor and enjoy the feeling of being on the water.

This special hotel has quite some advantages: you can park your car directly in front of the ship, get there hassle-free (in comparison to a hotel in the city center),  you can easily access Dresden by using the nearby railway station and it is a silent location surprisingly surrounded by nature: I was welcomed by a cute fox roaming the area and a family of beavers. A cheap hotel I would recommend of you need a simple but special place to stay (and don’t mind to share toilets and showers).

Schiffsherberge Pöppelmann
Uferstraße 14
01097 Dresden

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