Idee di Pietra

Idee di Pietra, Karlsaue, Kassel

The artwork ‘Idee di Pietra‘ by Giuseppe Penone (also called ‘Penone tree‘) is one of the most beloved works shown during the documenta 13 in 2012. It is located in the Karlsaue at Kassel, Germany and was bought after the exhibition using donations by the citizens. It is a bronze replica of a hazelnut tree with a giant foundling consisting of granite on top. An artwork that always catches the attention of pedestrians.

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Astronomisch-physikalisches Kabinett

Orangerie, Kassel

The Astronomisch-physikalisches Kabinett (‘APK‘) as a museum about astronomy and physics within the Orangerie at Kassel, Germany. It is part of the Museumslandschaft Hessen-Kassel (‘MHK‘) and shows the collection of scientific instruments collected by the landgraves of Hesse-Kassel. They started creating this collection in the 16th century CE but it was also extended afterwards. Latest items are computer systems like those from Konrad Zuse, some where obviously in use by municipality of Kassel.

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Planting trees

Arkansas Black Apple tree, Karlsaue, Kassel

There aren’t many documenta artworks left at the Karlsaue in Kassel, Germany. You can find the Spitzhacke by Claes Oldenburg (documenta 7, 1982) and the Idee di Pietra by Giuseppe Penone (documenta 13, 2012). And then there is a special tree – the Arkansas Black Apple by Jimmie Durham (documenta 13, 2012). The fruits are nearly black and the tree reminds the artist of his childhood. It is a very simple but yet highly complex artwork – if you want to see it as one.

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