Astronomisch-physikalisches Kabinett

The Astronomisch-physikalisches Kabinett (‘APK‘) as a museum about astronomy and physics within the Orangerie at Kassel, Germany. It is part of the Museumslandschaft Hessen-Kassel (‘MHK‘) and shows the collection of scientific instruments collected by the landgraves of Hesse-Kassel. They started creating this collection in the 16th century CE but it was also extended afterwards. Latest items are computer systems like those from Konrad Zuse, some where obviously in use by municipality of Kassel.

You can see old globes, a Foucault‘s pendulum, telescopes and clocks – some very pompous. The physics section also includes Magdeburger Halbkugeln demonstrating the power of vacuum. In some section the items are presented very beautiful, other areas look rather old-school. What feels odd is that you’re not allowed to take pictures (unless you buy a special permission). This museum seems not to be up-to-date with their marketing strategy.

Astronomisch-physikalisches Kabinett
Staatspark Karlsaue

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