National September 11 Memorial and Museum, New York

I guess everybody still knowns where he or she was when terrorists transformed a part of Manhattan into Ground Zero on 11th of September, 2001 (I myself was doing my civilian service in Göttingen, Germany). This date has eternalized in the memories of people around the world. You can now visit the memorial and a very impressive museum at the original location.

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Street food

Food carts, New York

Something I’ve so far only seen in New York is this vast amount of food carts, selling soft drinks and hotdogs. You can find them in front of every major sight and they are mostly run by veterans, proudly showing their rank and unit. But this is not only about a coke and junk food – some carts really have the product range of a normal eatery.

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Magnolia bakery

Magnolia bakery, New York

One of the best bakeries in New York, United States – and you really can’t run out of sugar supply here – is Magnolia. It is located at the Rockefeller Center and is therefore easily reachable by subway. What I absolutely loved was their interpretation of cheesecake (one of New York’s specialties) made with raspberries.

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