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During my stay in New York the quarter and semi finals of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil where held. That is why I was looking for a bar showing the games of the German soccer team (“Die Mannschaft“, as it is called in the States). Easily I found the “Zum Schneider“, a Bavarian beergarden and restaurant in the East Village of New York.

Zum Schneider, New York
Zum Schneider, New York

I came here on the 4th of July to see the match France vs. Germany, but I was pretty late. I had to watch the game in a Caribbean bar close by. Naturally the whole bar was supporting France and I had to drink French beer during the 1:0 victory for Germany. Quite a nice idea, to watch the first game at the opponents home port.

For the semifinal Brazil vs. Germany I returned much earlier to the East Village, got a place at “Zum Schneider” and saw an astonishing 7:1 win against the home team. When I later went to Brazil, I learned that the Brazilians simply accepted that the German team was much better – they most often told me that they were lucky that Germany won against Argentina at Maracanã; an Argentinian world cup win on sacred land in Brazil would have been another Maracanaço.

Zum Schneider, New York
Zum Schneider, New York

The bar and restaurant itself is good and serves authentic German food. That’s why I normally wouldn’t visit those places on vacations – but for soccer I can make an exception. You can get to “Zum Schneider” by metro (because you might drink some beer): take the L to 1 Av, then walk down to Avenue C/E14th Street and turn right into Avenue C. It is still six blocks to walk, but worth it.

Zum Schneider
107 Ave C @ East 7th Street
New York City, NY 10009
United States

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