Soccer abroad

If you’re a real soccer aficionado you’ll have to watch the games also while on the road. Unless you fell in love with the really big clubs in the world this is sometimes pretty hard. As a fan of the SV Werder Bremen I’ll sometimes have to search a little bit more until I find a bar that shows Bundesliga and the matches of my club. But it is always worth the the effort – watching German soccer in another country is always fun.

I will forever remember my first match I watched at a bar in the outskirts of Paris, France. It was the cup final FC Bayern München against SV Werder Bremen in 2010. The result was awful, and I unfortunately can’t remember the name of the nice bar anymore – but it was a funny experience. Before the match everybody there was speaking French. When the match was kicked off, everybody started to speak German and to support their teams. Quite a surprise…

This is the list of places I watched Bundesliga at:

Zeitgeist (unfortunately closed right now)
49-51 Black Prince Road
London SE11 6AB

Hotel Ramada Podgorica
Blv Save Kovacevica 74
Podgorica 81000
(All bars in the city didn‘t have Eurosport channels.)

Fass Concha Espina
Calle Rodríguez Marín, 84
28002 Madrid

United States
Zum Schneider
107 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009

Do you know good places to add?

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